About us

We are a collection of customer-centric retail locations catering to the sale of electronic cigarettes, glassware, cannabidiol, kratom, tobacco accessories, and other emerging industries.


Our eight locations have grown alongside the vaping and smoking spheres as we continue to increase our product selection, knowledge and quality of service.


We are vapers. We are smokers. We are CBD consumers and kratom users.

And We Go Where You Grow.

Vape & Smoke was founded in 2014 and its first location planted roots in Niles, Michigan. While the electronic cigarette scene boomed, so did the number of customers choosing combustion-free forms of nicotine. As the device and e-liquid options available continued to expand, the market's demand followed. Over the next 3 years, 6 more locations sprouted across Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, with an 8th store opening its doors as recent as June 2018.

Vape & Smoke has grown slowly and methodically to meet the needs of its shoppers. Loyalty and membership programs were introduced to reward those who have helped build the brand and make its name what it is today. The skilled staffers running every store have all originated as customers themselves, and their experience as consumers critically contributes to the decisions and directions of the company as a whole. Our team is young, ambitious, and open to adaptations. Our mission is to create a premium, pristine, professional and open environment for vapers and smokers of all levels to enjoy.